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Last year, I got the opportunity to visit two of the countries nearest to the south pole, Australia, and New Zealand. The countries close to each other but far in many aspects. I had been to Australia before but New Zealand was going to be a new experience for me. Before my visit, I perceived both countries to be same but that was not the case.
Australia has various big cities expanded to kilometers possessing numerous skyscrapers. But visiting New Zealand, you’d observe numerous small cities and you don’t get a glimpse of multi-story structures frequently. It may be due to geographical factors, but that does not take away the country’s title to be a modern country. Considering financial aspect, it’s interesting to know that everyone out of three families has their own boat. The residents of the country are provided with availability and can enjoy any luxury and comfort that people of any other country can. One of the surprising social aspects is that New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote. The traditional language of New Zealand (Maori) is still respected by the country. The rugby team of New Zealand performs their traditional dance known as ‘Haka’ before every match and street shows by children performing. The Considering climatic aspects, New Zealand has soothing climate all the year as compared to the diverse climatic conditions of Australia. Sitting at the edge of Wakatipu Lake of Queenstown on a clear day with a Fergburger makes you see heaven on Earth.
I’m glad that I got the opportunity to see both countries so near yet far by various aspects.

Chirag is the writer of this blog. He lives in India and visited New Zealand in 2016. He can be contacted through this blog.

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