Become a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand – Faster – without any accounting background

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            Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand offers great opportunities for learning to its students and is concerned about their career. It gives you the most precious experience of learning and grooming professional and personal life. The university offers multiple degree programs to bring countless career benefits to the students in New Zealand and globally. Joining the VUW means a better cultural experience, command over decision-making, the capability of independent survival, and perfect personal grooming. Here, the management offers great benefits to the students, such as better resources, scholarships, medical earnings, and ideal career opportunities with a handsome salary in the future.

Course Details

The Master of Professional Accounting at Victoria is the best option for national and international students with an interest in accounting, finance, and commerce. It meets all requirements of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and CPA Australia. The MPA at Victoria was the first of its type program to be offered in New Zealand. The duration of the complete program is 4 trimesters, in which the most experienced faculty helps you becoming a chartered accountant, sooner. You don’t need to have an accounting/ commerce degree to pursue this Master’s program. The successful completion of 16-17 courses of the degree program will make you able to boost your CV for accountancy firms, banking and finance, not-for-profit companies, law, and other organizations, where you can serve as a Financial Controller, Chartered Accountant (CA), Auditor, or Finance Manager.

Admission Criteria

            The Admission in Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) requires a minimum of an undergraduate degree in any field. It is not necessary to have an accounting background of studies to join the MPA at Victoria. You can join this program if you are interested to move into an accounting and finance-related career, and can boost your opportunities in the respective field. However, you may require acceptance as a candidate by the Director of the Program, for which you must have competence in English. In case, English is not your first language, you are required to attach the IELTS certificate to show your competence with the language.

Financial Details

            The degree plan is offered at a reasonable cost and with countless benefits. You can simply get a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting in just from NZ$28,802 per year. The university also offers scholarships for students enrolled in the Master of Professional Accounting.

Benefits to the International Students

            Victoria University is one of the educational institutions, which hold the ‘Triple Crown’ of International Business Education Accreditations. It aims to provide a better learning experience, along with the personal grooming of the students. It keeps a special focus on the learning and development of its overseas students and ensures that they get a comfortable environment at a new place. Studying abroad lets the students interact with the new environment, culture, and students. Dealing with different people, with different backgrounds, help them to get a new experience, where they learn to take an effective decision, get a professional approach over all matters, and enjoy great career opportunities in the future.

Become a chartered accountant – faster

Victoria University of Wellington is the only university in New Zealand with a unique Chartered Accountants (CA) Master’s pathway. This allows you to complete the CA Program requirements of Chartered Accountants ANZ as part of your MPA—with no extra tuition fees, study, or certification.

With the CA Master’s pathway, you’ll become a Provisional Member of Chartered Accountants ANZ during your study. You’re then eligible to apply for full Chartered Accountants ANZ membership after you have successfully completed three years of approved employment in New Zealand, Australia, or any other recognised global location.

You’ll get a head start in your accounting career, and the opportunity to become a chartered accountant, sooner.

A Master’s degree in Professional Accounting at VUW enables you to make a move into accounting and calculations. If you have an accounting or mathematical background of studies, you can further enhance your professional learning in the field. The experienced faculty of the department will help you to manage the complex financial business issues and accounting calculations. The learning environment at Victoria also supports professional practices, procedures, and ethical insight into the business landscape nationally and globally. This will give you the knowledge of international accounting standards, which will boost your CV in the future.

Social Benefits of Master’s degree of Professional Accounting

            Healthy interaction with people from different regions will give you a new social experience. It will help you to learn how to deal with the complex situations of life, and what decisions should be made on time. University also builds your personal confidence and communication skills via social interactions in the form of events, seminars, and functions. It enables you to build your strong international network, which will bring great benefits to your career in the future.

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English eligibility requirement

You will need an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no sub-score below 6.0 to pursue a Master of Professional Accounting.

Immigration benefits

After the successful completion of the Master of Professional Accounting, the student will get three years Post Study open work visa.

Family benefits – Work Visa for partner and children’s schooling at domestic price

Partner of a student pursuing a Master of Professional Accounting is eligible for an open work visa in New Zealand of the same duration. As a result, the partner can support their dependent children to study in Primary and Secondary schools, and they will be considered as domestic students in New Zealand. After the course completion when a student gets three years open work visa, the student’s spouse will also get a three-year open work visa and dependent children’s school benefits will also continue during that post-study three years period. 


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