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Kia ora koutou blog with a difference

kia ora koutou

Kia ora koutou Hello to all (in Maori New Zealand native language),

I welcome you all to this first blog of Immigration Law Advice NZ Ltd. Getting immigration advice is very important, but whom are you taking that advice from is more important.

With the introduction of licensing of immigration advisers in 2008, there has been a lot more professionalism and fairness than it used to be in the immigration advice industry. Before 2008, migrants were being exploited by the unethical and unregulated immigration advisers. Migrants were being charged unreasonable fees for low and poor services. They were also made fake promises relating to their immigration matter.

This is the platform where I will be posting the information, updates, and news about immigration policies relating to different visas or any market trends. Please free to ask any questions relating to immigration matter and I will endeavor to answer them as soon as possible.

A point of difference on this Blog:

Rather than keeping this blog just about Immigration matters and written by myself only, we want to make this a platform to share the different type of experiences about New Zealand. We would like to share valuable experiences and feedback from across the globe at this place so to benefit the community of migrants. I, myself being a migrant understand the importance of knowing each and every piece of information about the country you want to stay for a short time or permanently.

Moreover, we would like to invite people from various walks of life to write in this blog and share their experience/ stories about New Zealand. It could be anyone who is on a temporary visa or a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand. We also encourage anyone ever visited New Zealand or planning to visit New Zealand in near future to share their stories and experiences in so-called 100% pure New Zealand.

Please write to me at babita@immigrationlawadvice.co.nz and we will do our best to share your content on our blog as appropriate. Kindly do let us know if you would like us to share your contact information on the blog along with your content or want to keep it anonymous. Either way, it’s fine.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mrs. Babita

Director and Licensed Immigration Adviser-Immigration Law Advice NZ Ltd.

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