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Migration And New Zealand – A Win/Win

Migration or as it is more commonly called – Immigration – has been an important force in shaping the destinies, cultures and history of countries.

This has been especially true for the expansion and rise of the modernized Western World.

In this post, I’ll detail how migration has positively affected several nations in the past and is now doing the same for New Zealand

How Migration has affected Western nations

The United States

Human migration has been an elemental force in the development of America.

Beginning when the English settled along the banks of the James River in 1607, subsequent generations have cast their gaze westward to the unsettled wilderness.

The early nation builders realized that future growth of their country and way of life was dependent upon a continuous stream of people willing to pack their belongings and their families, relocate to another part of the strange and new continent. They were willing to transplant their culture to begin their lives again in a new environment.

As a nation, the United States was founded and developed on the basis of westward expansion – the belief that God had predestined the American people to fill the nation to its natural boundaries.logo design services company

It is therefore easy to conclude that migration has been, and continues to be to this day, a distinct characteristic of America.

Throughout its history the United States has benefited from waves of immigrants eager to find a better life. They have brought their cultures, their work ethic, their hopes and dreams.

As a result the United States grew to be one of the world’s super powers, producing many innovations in industry technology and medicine.


Like their neighbor to the south, Canada also has a rich and storied tale of migration that continues to this day.

Canada is currently benefiting from highly educated immigrants.  It is worth noting that a significant number of the almost 100,000 foreign students visiting Canada each year decide to stay after getting a degree.

Many other immigrants are also looking in Canada’s direction, attracted by job prospects and the open-arm culture for which Canadians are known.

Many attribute Canada’s strong economic performance by many factors, including a strong influx of immigrants.



Australia is a very friendly nation to immigrants and has benefited from this stance.

Australia is a truly multicultural nation and has been actively moving in that direction since World War II.

How multi-cultural?

About seven million out of 24 million Australians were born overseas; this translates to 30 per cent of the population. That’s pretty multi-cultural.
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When Australia opened its arms to post-war immigrants after WWI, the nation was placed on a pathway that has delivered economic prosperity, increased consumer demand and best of all sheer immigrant energy and determination.

Australia believes the introduction of a substantial immigrant and refugee component not only globalizes its otherwise isolated people, but indeed it creates and energizes a can-do, purposeful, culture.

New Zealand

New Zealand has also benefited and continues to benefit from migration.

Migrants contribute to job growth by increasing demand for local goods and services.

Research has found a positive effect on the earnings and employment of New Zealanders from migration.

Migrants fill jobs that native born Kiwis are reluctant to do, and migrants also provide a boost to the sectors in which they work.

Research from New Zealand and overseas finds that immigration improves productivity and GDP per capita growth.

For example migrants contributed a net +$2.9 billion to the government’s books in 2013.

On a per capita level, this was equivalent to +$2,653 per migrant.

In contrast to this native born New Zealanders contributed a net +$540 million to the government’s books for a contribution of +$172 per person.

Clearly New Zealand is benefiting from the influx of migrants to its shores.

Migration and New Zealand

Like other Western Nations before it New Zealand benefits from human beings willing to pick up and transport themselves to a distant shore to start a new life.

Migration has long standing economic and cultural benefits and is a key to continued growth and innovation.

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