$10,000 Scholarship To Study Master Of International Trade In New Zealand

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Studying a Master’s degree of International Trade from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, can be one of the most precious experiences of your personal and professional life. This overseas course will bring countless career benefits to you in New Zealand and globally. Furthermore, it will give you a new cultural experience, power of decision-making, and command over linguistics. You can also enjoy great students’ benefits at Victoria University of Wellington, such as scholarships, medical earnings, employment, and a better salary in the future.
Benefits of VUW NZ Studies

Studying abroad exposes you to the new environment, culture, and people. In the same way, joining the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand will let you interact with a new culture. Dealing with different people with different perspectives enhances your social network, and strengthen your social skills. It also develops your communication skills and enables you to stand as an independent person. It enables you to make effective decisions and get a professional approach over all matters, which brings practical and job oriented benefits to you.
Career Benefits of Master’s Degree of International Trade at Victoria

The master’s degree program of International Trade at VUW gives you a professional approach over international legal rules, political and social implications, and economic rationales. Take advantage of this opportunity and explore the trading roles in society from different perspectives. It also provides you great knowledge and career opportunities to serve the world as an international trade specialist in organizations, businesses, and public agencies. Also, you will discover the complex world of international trades through the multidisciplinary study at VUW. Studying International Trade will guide you on how the countries are trading worldwide, and how it affects the businesses. Study the role of exporters and producers and consider the trading issues through lenses of different disciplines. Not only this, the degree will enable you to explore the impact of trade on nations and populations. Also, the multidisciplinary study takes your career to the next level, where you have significant knowledge of legal, political, cultural, and economic aspects of international trade.

Social Benefits of Master’s degree of International Trade

Joining a Master’s degree of International Trade at VUW will also develop your personality. It will give you a different experience and will help you to learn new weather conditions, culture, infrastructure, mentality, and social system. It will bring different opportunities for you. The university also offers opportunities to attend social functions, workshops, events, and seminars to enhance students’ learning skills. Also, the study will let you interact with different people, belonging to different countries and cultures. This builds an International Students’ network in which you get more chances of learning things, which will benefit you in your career.

Course Details
The complete Degree is of one and a half year duration, in which the skilled and most experienced faculty help you to learn the new concepts with great ease. The successful completion of this course will boost your CV and bring great employment opportunities for you, where you can earn up to $48,223 – $69,727.

Fee Details
The degree plan is offered at a reasonable cost and with countless benefits. You can simply get the Master’s degree of International Trade in just NZ$46,752.

Scholarship for every student
The university is also offering guaranteed NZ$ 10000 scholarships for every student enrolled in 2020 for the master of international trade.
To get more details about the course visit https://www.victoria.ac.nz.

English eligibility requirement
You will need an overall IELTS score of 7.0, including a writing sub-score of 7 and no sub-score below 6.5 to pursue a Master of International Trade.

Immigration benefits
After the successful completion of the Master of International Trade, the student will get three years of Post Study open work visa.

Family benefits – Work Visa for partner and children schooling
Partner of a student pursuing a Master of International Trade is eligible for an open work visa in New Zealand of the same duration. As a result, the partner can support their dependent children to study in Primary and Secondary schools, and they will be considered as domestic students in New Zealand. After the course completion when the student gets three years open work visa, the student’s spouse will also get a three-year open work visa and dependent children’s school benefits will also continue during that post-study three years period.

To inquire more about this fantastic opportunity contact us with your detailed CV at services@immigrationlawadvice.co.nz

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