A career in Logistics and Supply Chain in New Zealand

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Though it may not be as glamorous a career choice as a fashion designer or airline pilot, logistics is none the less one of the most important global career fields.

As you may guess, without people to provide and manage the planning and execution of the distribution of resources, society as we know it would cease to function.

There would be anarchy as food shortages caused chaos around the world.

Regardless of whether or not a full-time logistics manager is employed, every company uses logistics in one shape or form in the course of doing business.

Logistician work begins with making sure with ensuring that the supplies and raw materials necessary for a business or organization to operate are on hand.

This then transitions to inbound logistics which are used in conjunction with outbound logistics to distribute products or services where they are in demand.

The field of logistics has much to offer and right now there is a skill shortage in New Zealand – it’s a perfect way to start or change careers and get to live in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

Five Top Reasons to Consider a Career as a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager in New Zealand

Reason #1 – Lots of New Career Opportunities in Logistics

Logistics has become increasingly important to growing the global economy.

Outsourcing has provided new challenges and new opportunities for logistics.

In New Zealand, the logistics industry delivered positive results with 30% more jobs in 2017.

Reason #2 – Careers in logistics are More Lucrative Than Ever

NZ logistician jobs are averaging NZ$65,519 at the end of 2017.

Reason #3 – Logistics Careers are Interesting

For people in logistics management careers, the word boredom is not in their vocabulary.

Logistics contains such a sheer variety of work, it always keeps the job interesting, and crossover may occur when one facet is slow but another is bustling.

Adding to the variety of a logistics career is the fact that many companies specializing in logistics tend to deal with a wide range of materials and goods.

Reason #4 -There are a Greater Number of Logistic Career Opportunities for Women

It used to be that logistics careers were traditionally male dominated. However, women are becoming increasingly involved at all levels in logistics. Many women now hold top positions in logistics companies and logistics departments.

Reason #5 – Logistics is Often the Entry Gateway into the Field of International Business.

When you start a career in logistics you will find that you can quickly gain enough experience with international business to develop new skills or open new opportunities.

For instance, you may more easily learn a second language is much easier when you are working with people who speak that language in your logistics work.

You can even leverage your career in logistics to relocate to other countries temporarily or permanently.

Fact – There Aren’t Enough Logistics and Supply Manager Candidates to Fill Positions

Aspiring business professionals often overlook behind-the-scenes career field. The business fields of marketing and finance tend to attract the attention of those looking for careers. As a result, careers in logistics tend to fly under the radar – this in turn makes it difficult for employers and recruiters to fill these positions.

According to an article posted on Fortune.com, the logistics business will be looking to fill roughly 1.4 million jobs by 2018.

You can bet that this tremendous increase in jobs combined with a shortage of qualified candidates in New Zealand means one thing – the exciting opportunity for those willing to meet the requirements.

To Be a Successful Logistics and Supply Management Candidate, Education is a Key First Step

The best way to get yourself qualified to take advantage of the deficit of qualified logistics and supply management candidates in New Zealand is to get yourself educated.

Data from analysis of approximately 50k logistics job posting revealed that 76 percent of employers prefer candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

While you can use an associate degree to qualify you for some positions and get your foot in the door, bachelor’s degrees are more desirable to employers because of the ever-increasing complexity of the field.

In New Zealand, you can get either a Masters degree in Applied Management or a Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

These programmes will help you get ahead of other candidates applying for positions.

Of course, education is helped by motivation – it helps catch the eye of employers and bosses.

Employers are always looking for the next leader who is motivated, puts in extra time to know knows the nuances of the spectrum and develop vertical knowledge and skills.

Top Skills for Successful Logistics and Supply Chain Managers

Here are some top skills of successful logistics and supply chain management candidates

  • Communication – since supply chain professionals oversee aspects of inventory, logistics, procurement, purchasing and transportation processes good concise communication makes for efficient processes.
  • Data Analysis– The ability to understand it and put it to use is of vital importance as supply chain specialists see a a lot of data in their daily work.
  • Relationship Management– Healthy relationships with key players in the supply chain is key as negotiations with vendors and managing the supply chain process from raw material to end user is all part of a management role.
  • Detail Oriented– A supply chain manager will often do supplier site audits, investigate third-party service providers or examine transportation initiatives
  • Strong Knowledge of Spreadsheets and Databases– The successful candidate for a supply chain management job should be familiar with the tools used to manage supply chains
  • Negotiating–The ability to seek out and negotiate contracts is an essential trait to have

New Zealand Needs Good Logistical and Supply Chain Managers

As the global economy continues to expand and New Zealand becomes more competitive in the marketplace in industries such as Aquaculture, there is a huge shortage of qualified logistical and supply chain managers.

There are a number of quality education providers in New Zealand where you can get the Logistics and Supply chain qualifications in New Zealand. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) is one of them providing Postgraduate studies in Logistic and Supply Chain Management. If you get the right education at places like the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, you can be poised to take advantage of a great career opportunity in New Zealand as a logistical and supply chain manager.

As per John Inglis (Head of Department- Applied Business) “NMIT is over 100 years old and boasts the oldest applied undergraduate business degree in NZ. Based in a region of NZ which trades internationally with many perishable foods and hosting the largest fishing port in the Southern Hemisphere NMIT continues to develop programmes of study that help international businesses. Building on this history of delivering work ready and world ready graduates through superb business education the Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has been developed with the new realities of trade in mind. These realities are that borders are more perforated and more trade between countries increases daily. However, customers and governments are requiring the ability to identify where a product is from, accurately track and products and services and importantly ensure that the product arrives to the final customer in the desired condition. Complex examples of this would be food safety like getting seafood and poultry to market and less complex would be getting a shirt to market.

In today’s business world not only are we looking for efficiency and effectiveness from our supply chains we also need to ensure traceability of product from raw material to consumer.”

For more information about a career in Logistics and Supply Chain and education option in New Zealand you may write or send your CV to services@immigrationlawadvice.co.nz

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