Quality Study Options at Victoria University Of Wellington(VUW) New Zealand

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Victoria University also known as Victoria University of Wellington or VUW is located in the capital city Wellington, New Zealand and is one of the oldest institutions in that place. It is a prestigious university with offering a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Besides the degree programs, there is accommodation available for the students who are out of the city or country as well. The connection of this university is local and overseas as well which helps in providing opportunities to the students and staff leading a dynamic perspective globally.

Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) is in the top 2 per cent of the world’s 18000 universities. It is ranked 38th in the world in Law, 28th in the world in Hospitality & Tourism management and 40th in the world in Library Management. It is ranked in the top 100 universities in nine other subjects.


Development Studies

Earth Sciences





Performing Arts


It has over 2,200 full-time equivalent staff, and over 1000 of those are involved in teaching and research. Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s top-ranked university for research quality, with a teaching focus on leadership, communication skills and creative and critical thinking.

The excellence of the staff helps in building new generation to a better person with attaining higher degrees which are recognised all around the world. It supports entrepreneurship to bring in new ideas and do new businesses which can create more jobs in the society. The success of the university is based upon the determination of staff and students which they invest full time.

Facilities of University

The university supports best facilities for the students and staff to maintain the standards throughout many years consistently. There is no compromise on the quality of study and facilities for the on-campus students. It gives immense opportunities to the students to grow up to their potential and be successful in their life. There is public transport available for the students as well as a parking facility.

You can explore Wellington life and enjoy the on-campus activities there. Sustainability allows the students to examine themselves and become leaders of the future. There is a massive platform for them to research and build sustainability in the environment. Adam Art Gallery is there for the students in the Kelburn Campus in Victoria University. University also holds events and conferences for the students to attend and learn the dynamics of real life.

Courses Offered

There’s a huge list of courses offered at Victoria University. To make it short, you can look under the undergraduate programs where the list goes on. It offers Bachelors of Arts, Commerce, Health, Law, Music, Tourism, Innovation, Education, Design, Building Science and many more. There are also postgraduate programs such as PhD. Masters program, honour degrees, certificates, diplomas and much more to explore.

The list of courses is not limited when it comes to Victoria University. You can also map out your degree depending upon your convenience of taking the classes if you are a working student.

Quality and Standing of University

The quality of the university gets measured by the resources it offers to the student and staff besides the academics. Keeping the environment better is one of the main focuses of the university which makes it strengthening in the market. It supports the better government by building strong relationships along with cultivating capital. The university is open for diversity which allows any student to apply despite any nation. It has resilience and sustainability through enriching national and international culture.

The health and wellbeing for the students is a priority of the university to make sure students work towards the improvement of their lifestyle along with gaining knowledge. All the digital and updated technology are there to bring support towards spreading knowledge for the students and staff. It helps the next generation to imagine and live without limits in the age of digitalisation with facing challenges through sheer courage and bravery.

If you would like to study in New Zealand and want to know about your options to study at Victoria University of Wellington, please contact us at services@immigrationlawadvice.co.nz

Immigration Law Advice NZ Ltd is an authorised representative of VUW to recruit international students.

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